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Hauppauge Fire Department

Hurricane Preparedness and Safety

We are now approaching the height of the Hurricane Season which runs from June 1st until November 30th. It has been a very active season so far and it is beneficial for all of us to be prepared. We all saw the damaged caused by Tropical Storm Isaias in our area and that happened within a 3 hour period. Below, you will find links to Safety and Preparedness tips regarding Hurricanes. Please stay safe.

Update as of August 14th, 2020:

The Hauppauge Volunteer Fire Department continues to operate normally for our entire community during this COVID19 Pandemic. Even though COVID19 cases seem to be easing and we enter the late stages of re-opening please continue to practice social distancing whenever possible, wash your hands frequently and remember to wear your mask whenever you are out in public.

Please stay safe and take care of each other.

An important message regarding COVID-19 and our Community. Please click on the PDF below.

Below, please find a link to the CDC for plenty of information regarding this COVID-19 Pandemic. We ask all of our community residents to stay safe. You can be well assured, that the Hauppauge Fire Department will be here to help, no matter what this situation might be.

Hauppauge Fire Department Explorers Program Application

We are looking for young members of Hauppauge who are interested on a future as a Volunteer Firefighter to help the community in which we all live. Below, please find the PDF application that can be printed and filled out. We look forward to hearing from you.


Order Engraved 9/11 Memorial Bricks On Line

We have added the ability to order and pay for an engraved 9/11 brick at our memorial. Simply click on the link, follow the instructions and you can leave a lasting tribute for a loved one. For more pictures, visit our 9/11 Memorial Page. NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER A BRICK IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HAVE IT INSTALLED BY THIS YEAR'S 9/11 CEREMONIES.

911 Memorial Fund

Like to Purchase a Brick with your Name, Memories, please follow the link above


Firefighter Alex Lombardi, Company 3 - US Coast Guard

Firefighter Andrew Lombardi, Company 3 - US Coast Guard

Firefighter Joseph Pacifico, Company 3 - US Army

Firefighter Collin Crean, Company 3-US Army